Senior Embedded Software Engineer, focusing on
Embedded Linux (Yocto), Embedded Android (AOSP),
Automotive Driver and Application Development.


Mustafa Ozcelikors

My journey begins in the beautiful city of Eskişehir, Turkey where I completed B.S. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. During my Bachelor studies I have worked on TÜBİTAK funded semi-autonomous wheelchair project (ATEKS).

I had my Master Degree on Embedded Systems for Mechatronics in Dortmund, Germany. During this period, I contributed to very exciting ITEA funded open-source projects (Eclipse APP4MC, Eclipse KUKSA) as part-time research assistant, cooperating with well-established organizations such as Eclipse Foundation and Bosch AG. Additionaly, I participated in countless international conferences and workshops during my studies (e.g. IEEE INISTA, IEEE IDAACS, SEERTS, EclipseCon) and have a total of 10+ published papers. I gave talks regarding Eclipse technologies and received the prestigious the Google Summer of Code grant in 2017. I developed software for Eclipse Foundation with the supervision of Google Inc. during that summer.

Hackathon coach @ Bosch Connected eXperience, Berlin, 2018

Currently, I am employed in an international automotive software company in Izmir, developing platform software of infotainment systems for world leading automotive OEMs. I develop Embedded Linux platform drivers (Linux kernel), userspace apps (Qt, POSIX standard Linux apps, GNU apps), board support packages, software development kits (Yocto, Android Open Source Project), and graphical applications (Qt, GTK, SDL) targeting many popular and industry-compliant embedded hardware (e.g. NXP i.MX8QuadMax MEK, TI DRA7x, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 8150, Rockchip RK3399).

From workshop at JoyNext GmbH, Dresden, 2022

As my personal work, I try to learn about the latest in the embedded Linux systems and develop prototype products (hardware + software) conforming to latest standards. Since 2019, I am providing freelance consultation and product development services regarding embedded Linux based products. Contact me regarding bussiness related inquiries.

In my free time, it is my passion to learn about philosophy, psychology, economics, and decentralized finance. I also enjoy doing fitness and spending time in the nature. You will often find me being busy trekking, running or swimming with friends. I also enjoy creating training videos for my youtube channel.

Driver Development

Professional userspace & kernel driver development to talk with your specialized hardware.

Baremetal Programming

Multicore (XMOS xCORE) and RTOS experience (FreeRTOS, TI SYS-BIOS).

OS/BSP Stack Development

7+ years experience with driver porting, boot optimization, OS tailoring on Yocto Project/AOSP.

Product Development

Experience with product development lifecycles and circuit design with Altium Designer and KiCad.

Application Programming

7+ years of experience with C, C++, Qt, QML, Java, Android, GNU/Linux based application programming.

Consultation and Training

Previous consultation experience for local companies. Confident with Yocto Project.